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SfornaTutto Pangourmet - SfornaTutto Pangourmet - Mixes, leavens and automatically cooks bread, pizza and cakes and prepares all sorts of meals

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Pronto in 1 hour and 25 minutes

Difficulty High




INGREDIENTS 500 gr 750 gr
BIGA 1/2 dose 1 dose
WATER 80 g 120 g
STRONG “0” FLOUR 70 g 100 g
SUGAR (MALT) 5 g (3 g) 7 g (5 g)
SALT 6 g 10 g
  • Prepare the biga one day ahead (see biga recipe).
  • Pour the ingredients into the mixing bread pan (containing the biga) in the order as stated in the recipe.
  • Mix the ingredients by hand for a few seconds, using a ladle.
  • Place the mixing bread pan in the oven and select programme SE 2.
  • Press the Start/Stop button.
  • Once mixed (around 25 minutes) the oven will go into standby and the display time will begin to flash: remove the dough from the mixing bread pan, form a ball and place it in an oil-greased bowl. Return the bowl to the oven and press the Start/Stop button.
  • The oven will again go into standby when the second leavening process is complete (a further 40 minutes or so): remove the bowl from the oven and press the Start/Stop button (the oven will go into the preheating phase). Place the dough on a floured surface, dust the dough with flour (the dough is full of water and is therefore very sticky) and form a square that is 3 cm in height. Shape the bread with a palette knife and place the loaf thus obtained in the bake pan that has been lined with greaseproof paper.
  • Place the bake pan in the oven on the lower shelf and press Start/Stop.
  • Once the first batch is ready, place the second batch in the oven (where envisaged), set for 20 minutes using + and - buttons and press Start/Stop (follow these instructions until all batches have been baked).

For a more golden appearance, press the + button to add extra baking time and press Start/Stop.

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